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Queer Artists Support Get Loud Movement with Loud and Queer Event

Queer Artists Support Get Loud Movement with Loud and Queer Event

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Monique (Mo) Gonzalez is a 29-year-old queer Chicana who was born and raised in Oxnard, CA. She is a poet and local community organizer whose mission is to provide platforms for the LGBTQIA+ community and GNC folk for them to share their stories and talents. The artist has created a queer artist movement that “celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community in resisting conformity through creative expression.” One of the ways in which she perpetuates what she deems as the Get Loud Movement is through the Loud and Queer event happening this Saturday at The Majestic Ventura Theater.

“This event is about lifting up our community and celebrating the mediums of art in which folks use to express themselves and their resistance such as spoken word, visual art, interpretive dance and more,” said Gonzalez. “It’s important that Loud and Queer continues to be this space of belonging, inspiration as well as educational for our allies. It’s a way for us to build community, inclusiveness and ultimately for us to live authentically around a society that rejects our truths.” 

The Get Loud Movement is presenting the second annual Loud and Queer event with talent coming from visual artists and those sharing their prose through spoken word. There will also be interpretive dance, singers, musicians, and drag. Gonzalez saw the opportunity to use art to help create a space for healing when she attended another event in the Ventura County area.

“I had the honor of organizing Ventura County’s Transgender Day of Remembrance couple of years ago and it became this space of healing through the arts,” Gonzalez explained. “I remember this one performer who had written a poem to his father about transitioning and that was the first time he read it out loud. He thanked me for creating this space for him, and that’s when I knew I wanted to continue doing this and create something larger in our community. A year later Loud and Queer happened and over time it has birthed Get Loud Movement.”


The event aims to inspire and encourage all who attend to pursue their passion whether they be in the arts or any other avenue of expression. Organizers of Loud and Queer also want to build a space for people, who may not have otherwise met, to come together and create connections with other people.

“My hope for everyone that attends is that they walk out feeling inspired, supported and motivated to start and/or keep pursuing their own passions,” said Gonzalez. “Ultimately, I would love to see Get Loud Movement grow and build connections and leaders across the country to see Loud and Queer events everywhere. I feel building intentional spaces is important to start with your own community first and keep expanding from there.”


“I truly believe that this starts with the community leaders first,” Gonazlez continued. “If we are inviting and continuously building intentional spaces, reaching out to people, having genuine conversations on and off social media, this will help those who are more apprehensive to want to be involved.”


Loud and Queer will be hosted by Narcizo Gonzalez with special DJ guests Lady Frequency and DJ Matriarchy on July 20th, 2019 at The Majestic Ventura Theater. Featured performers include Alyesha Wise, Fei Hernandez, Btchkraft and Malachi Maisha. The event starts at 6:30 pm and there will be an after-party that begins at 10:00 pm and will conclude at midnight. All ages are welcome to attend the event. Those individuals 18 and under can attend for free and if anyone wants to come but can’t afford a ticket can receive sponsorship for one by emailing vcloudandqueer@gmail.com. You can purchase your tickets using the following link: bit.ly/vcloudandqueer.

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